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Join Us On The Woodford Trail!

Join us on the Woodford Trail!

Join Us On The Woodford Trail!

Greetings! This is the first official announcement for The Woodford Trail. The three distinct pillars comprising it are The Woodford Trail; show, almanac and mobile app. Each one will work in tandem with the other to help promote local Woodford County businesses, restaurants, horse farms, distilleries and other great Woodford destinations.

The best gateway into these exclusive platforms is the trade almanac. The Woodford Trail will appear as a printed product called the “Woodford County Trade Almanac”. Partnering with a local magazine, The Woodford CharmThe Woodford Trail Trade Almanac will resemble The Woodford Charm’s beautiful quality and content but instead be comprised of one to two pages ads. These aren’t your ordinary ads. We will share the look and pricing soon.

Next up is The Woodford Trail Show. By getting an ad in the trade almanac, you are entering into a slot to be featured on the show. In short, here is the description of what the show entails:

Running at around 5 to 10 minutes, we will invite a different co-host to interview as we explore two of Woodford County’s restaurants, stores, or destinations each episode. The idea being, if a restaurant owner is the co-host that episode, we will feature the food and atmosphere of their business while getting to know their intimate relationship with Woodford County. We will then travel to another business or destination as “an appearance” to allow the interview to come naturally as we explore Woodford County. It will be aired on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram TV and our website.

We will work with you on whether or not you want to be a co-host or participate as “an appearance” location. The first episode will air Friday Dec 20th featuring co-host Chef Ouita Michel and appearing is Bel Air Florist & Gifts.

The third service will be a mobile app. Projected to be completed early next year, it will be a one stop shop organizing all the businesses who participate in The Woodford Trail. From people who are just visiting Woodford, are new in town, or just want to stay informed, The Woodford Trail Mobile App will be a MUST! As soon as the design is finished we will share it as well!

Feel free to contact us anytime with any questions you may have. We are still putting together price packages for all three products and may not get back to you till the first of the year on that specific inquiry. Thank you for being patient with us.

– The Woodford Trail


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