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Some Exciting Updates Along The Trail!

Join us on the Woodford Trail!

Some Exciting Updates Along The Trail!

Some updates along the trail…

Good day trail goers! 

If you have read the first post on the details of what The Woodford Trail is, you’ll want to read this. There has been some slight developments. The Woodford Trail Show has partnered with Woodford County Tourism Commission. Keeping true to its original intent, the show will now aid Woodford Tourism in their vision to put our county on the map as a place with unlimited sights and experiences. 

By buying an ad in the Trade Almanac you will no longer be eligible to appear on the show. This development is good news! With Woodford Tourism’s help, it means a whole new audience will be enjoying The Woodford Trail Show which equals more exposure for the brand you’re choosing to advertise with, The Woodford Trail Trade Almanac and coming soon The Woodford Trail Mobile App.

We are excited to start selling ads effective immediately with more information upon request. If you are interested in pricing or any other detail, please do not hesitate to shoot us an email from the bottom of our home page. 

Thank you and good luck out there on The Woodford Trail!




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