Woodford County, KY 40383

The Woodford Trail Detours

Join us on the Woodford Trail!

The Woodford Trail Detours

Good morning trail goers! Apart from The Woodford Trail show, airing episode 2 “The McCracken Mile” at the end of the month, comes a mini-series called The Woodford Trail Detours. This will be a very short version of the show and very “on the spot” so no cutting and no planning. Just Cory’s phone and quick visits to places around Woodford County. You can find these on all of our social media outlets so be on the lookout!

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok – @woodfordtrail

YouTube Channel : The Woodford Trail

This first detour is to the Midway Corner Grocery in Midway, Ky with Kyle Goebel of Bluegrass Traditions, Your Hat Guy and Nitro. Cory talks and chews, at his defense a delicious burger, while Kyle questions Cory’s food review… and possibly being seen with him.


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